Molluscum 2

5th of May 2016
Hi There, Approx 12months ago I purchased your molloscum mixture from you for my then 3yr old daughter. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to give you feedback. At coming to you she had been suffering from molloscum for about 6 months. We had prescription cream after cream, extra immune support probiotics the works. She was getting on average 50-60 new spots a week and nothing was working. We were bandaging her day and night and it was distressing for us all. Within 10 days of starting your treatment she had no new spots and within 6 weeks she was completely clear. No scars nothing and hadn't had a spot since. It was literally amazing. I have since sent a girlfriend to you for her 2 daughters suffering just as badly and she too has seen similar results. Just can't speak highly enough about the product and wanted to give you the feedback. Thanks so much again. Kind regards, Beck Wallis

Beck Wallis


Beck Wallis

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